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Conference Grant Committee


The mission of the Division III Commissioners Association (DIIICA) Diversity and Well-Being Committee (DWBC) is to work in conjunction with the members of the Division III Commissioners Association and their constituent conferences to develop strategies to foster an atmosphere of equity and respect for the dignity of every person associated with Division III intercollegiate athletic programs; to promote the engagement of diversity consciousness within the Division III membership; and to focus on supporting and enhancing the wellbeing of student-athletes.

Current Members

The committee roster consists of six DIIICA members: one representative of the DIIICA executive committee, all DIIICA representatives (currently two) that serve concurrently on the NCAA Division III Strategic Planning & Finance Committee (SPFC), and the remainder (currently three) at-large selections. There is currently no defined committee term or rotation schedule – new committee members are solicited and added as needed.

  • Joe Onderko, PAC – Chair
  • Keri Luchowksi, NCAC - DIIICA Board Rep
  • Chris Ragsdale, HCAC - SPFC Liaison
  • Candace Poise Murray, NEAC - SPFC Liaison
  • Andrea Savage, NESCAC
  • Rita Wiggs, USA South